The Elevate Project

Elevating Those Who Uplift Others

The Elevate Project

Elevating Those That Uplift Others



What Is The Elevate Project?

AIIR Consulting, a global executive coaching and leadership development firm, is proud to present The Elevate Project, a pro-bono initiative that will help purpose-driven organizations access elite coaching services. Through top-tier, deep, and systemic coaching, The Elevate Project helps to create a cascading effect that elevates entire organizations. With the help of AIIR Consulting’s world-class coaches, we work to catalyze the impact of those leaving a positive mark on the world.

Why We Elevate

Research has shown the powerful impact coaching can have on leaders, teams, and entire organizations. It is proven to help Fortune 500 companies achieve success. At AIIR Consulting, we believe that these services should also be accessible to purpose-driven organizations. That’s why our team of executive coaches is volunteering their time and talents — to elevate leaders who will use them to strengthen their communities and make the world a better place.

What Does The Elevate Project Offer?

For Individuals

Executive Coaching


Individual development engagements with elite executive coaches, using AIIR’s proven coaching methodology and supported by world-class technology to drive performance and produce sustained results.

For Teams

Team Effectiveness


A team coaching engagement designed to help your leadership team uncover its strengths, understand its opportunities, and unlock its potential to achieve high performance.

For Organizations



Assessment administration and group debrief sessions that will help the individuals in your organization uncover, understand, and leverage the dynamics that drive them.

What Kinds Of Initiatives Will The Elevate Project Support?

Each year, the Elevate Project focuses its philanthropic outreach on areas where we believe our pro-bono coaching and consulting services can make a difference. This year, for example, The Elevate Project chose to serve the Veteran community. This included Team Red, White, and Blue and American Dream U. We also have active partnerships with Youth Inc. and additional youth and womens’ organizations.

Hear From Members of The Elevate Project

“Many of the causes and organizations that are close to our coaches’ hearts are those that would not necessarily have the financial opportunity to access the work our coaches do. So, in an effort to show how much we value our coaches – our family – we wanted to invest in causes that are important to them – to give them opportunities to experience the usefulness of their professional skills in nourishing other things that are important to them… We want to help whom, and where we can.”


“Having transitioned from a leadership team at a high school when I came to AIIR, I still wanted to have an impact on the non-profit, service world and The Elevate Project afforded me that opportunity. I can truly empathize with the leaders with whom we want to work. They’re dedicated, passionate, driven, and care more about those they serve than themselves… The Elevate Project allows us to support them, as leaders, so they can grow and develop in a way that they may not have been able to access otherwise…The leaders that The Elevate Project will support have an impact far beyond themselves.”


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